Hairy Tales — Third Thurday Show at Rebel Salon and Vintage, Melrose Curve in Phoenix

Hairy Tales Flyer

Click for info on Facebook

Hey, all!  It’s been a while, but I thought I should make at least a short post about my upcoming show in central Phoenix opening on March 20th (Third Thursday) at 5pm.  It’s going to be a rather eclectic group of work, some cotton screen prints, tiny drawings, a sculpture (? Or two?), a painting, and some craft-y-er little, huggable things made from some of my prints. (But hey, they’re all monsters!)  I sort of wish I just had a ton of the little colored pencil drawings I made for the show.  They’re pretty cute, if I do say so myself! Haha


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Insatiable Strange Picks up the Pieces at Trunk Space on Grand Ave

Why have I not blogged about any of my shows?  I’m going to blame it on the intense workload of this last semester.  Anywho, my lovely art group Insatiable Strange is having a show at Trunk Space (1506 NW Grand Ave, Phoenix) on January 4th, 2013.  All of our pieces and performances are sci-fi themed, so expect the unexpected.  Actually, it’s a repeat of our show (that I forgot to write about) on December 21st (also at Trunk Space), but it’s still great stuff!  Very futuristic (hey, it is a new year).  We’ve had our visual art work up since that fateful last day of the world and it will continue to be up until the end of our performance on Jan. 4th.  Oh, and did I mention that our End of the World show made into New Times?  Yeah!  So come on down and check us out.  The gallery will be free to view from 6-9pm and at 9 the performances start.  Tickets are $6.

Facebook Event Page

Click for Facebook Event Page

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Perseid Meteor Shower August 2012

Tonight, August 11th, 2012 may be considered the best time of the year to see a meteor shower.  Bill Cooke, head of NASA’s Meteoroid Environment Office says “We expect to see meteor rates as high as 100 per hour.”  This is all due to the Earth’s passage through the debris left by the comet Swift-Tuttle.  The best viewing time will be Saturday night/Sunday morning (August 11th-12th) from midnight to dawn.  In addition to the meteors, Jupiter and Venus will be quite bright and visible in the eastern sky.

Planet diagram for the morning of August 12th, from


Also keep an eye out for the large red star, Aldebaran in the east.  So get away from the light pollution and check it out!  It’s going to be an absolutely beautiful night!

Perseid Meteor Shower photo from

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48 Hour Beat the Clock Film Challenge – Insatiable Strange presents In/Out

Well, the 48 hours are up and Insatiable Strange (our art collective) has submitted its film, In/Out, to IFP Phoenix.  The process was exciting, exhausting, and educational.  I’ve been on the sets of major Hollywood films, low budget films, and art films made in my backyard, but I’ve never really been a large part of the film itself.  This weekend I was.

In/Out by Insatiable Strange

Quincy Holden and Briana Belong in In/Out by Insatiable Strange

Insatiable Strange, the cadre as we call it, is made up of 10 artists (including myself) who get along extraordinarily well.  We definitely love each other, and that made all the difference during this film challenge, especially since we were together virtually every waking hour, of which there were many.  As a nice reporter from the Arizona Republic observed, we put more value on working together than on the finished product.

This is not to say that we didn’t care about how our film turned out, that’s why we worked so hard (!), but none of us were ready to disregard the other group members’ thoughts and feelings just to have something our way because we thought it would make the best film in the end.  Now, as you can imagine, that means we spent a great deal of our weekend talking everything out together.  For other groups, this could easily just end in disaster because it’s usually impossible to make everyone happy, but I’m pretty sure we’re all very happy with the way In/Out ended up.  It’s the first film I’ve really been a part of, and I think it was a great overall experience.  I’m excited to see how it will be received at the screeningon August 10, 2012 [6:00pm and 8:00pm] at the Phoenix Art Museum.  Check it out!

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In Progress- 48 Hour Film Challenge- Insatiable Strange

Long story short, my cadre and I, Insatiable Strange (our newly formed art collective that I’ll write about later) are taking on the 48 Hour “Beat the Clock” Film Challenge this weekend.  It started at 6:19 pm yesterday.  We’ve got a lot of inspiration, but I think we need more structure.  We’ll see where it goes…

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Pollinating Pumpkins (and some other vines) by Hand with Pictures

Hello, all! I know it’s been a while, but I haven’t forgotten about this blog!  Today I want to talk about pollinating your pumpkins!  This is a very important topic for anyone growing pumpkins because without pollination you won’t have any pumpkins!  So, of course Mr. Bee is out there helping to get the job done, but do you really want to rely solely on those little fuzzy guys?  They can be a bit flaky.  Sometimes the most reliable pollinator is yourself.

Alright, quite often plants reproduce in a similar way to humans; the male and female parts of the flowers  (or the male and female flowers) need to interact to produce the fruit that will bear its seed and grow new plants.  Your job is to make sure the pollen from the male flower gets to the female flower.  With pumpkins (and some other vines) the female flower is pretty easy to identify:

Female Pumpkin Flower

An Unopened Female Pumpkin Flower (click picture for seeds)

This is a picture of an unopened female flower.  You can clearly see the tiny future pumpkin at the base of the flower.  All female pumpkin flowers will have this tiny pumpkin, but if the flower is not pollinated it will simply wilt and the tiny pumpkin will shrivel up.  The flower must be pollinated for it to become a pumpkin.  (Sorry to be so repetitive, I just want to be clear).  So when the flower has opened up, it’ll be a beautiful hibiscus-esque blossom with creamy yellow-orange petals.

Male Pumpkin Flowers

Male Pumpkin Flowers (click picture for seeds)

This is the time to pollinate.  Do it as soon as the female flower has bloomed.  Just for further clarity, the male flowers will be identifiable by their lack of a tiny pumpkin at their base, and all female flowers will have the tiny future pumpkin.  Simply pull off one of the male flowers, as shown in the picture above, and feel like a perv by rubbing the male flowers’ pollen-y stamen into the female flowers.  Or, if you don’t want to pull any of the males off the vine, simply use a paintbrush to collect the pollen and place it into the female flower.  That’s really all there is to it!

Oh, and it’s best to use males from a separate vine from the females (to avoid a sort of inbreeding haha).  Good luck and happy growing!

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Easy Reese’s Rice Krispie Treat Recipe

Hey, everyone!  Like a lot of people (I presume) I really like delicious foods, but I don’t have the gadgets or the patience to make anything really fancy (usually).  Also, I love Reese’s.  A lot.  The other day my boyfriend and I wanted to make some sort of dessert and with our shared love of peanut butter and chocolate, we decided on Reese’s Rice Krispie Treats.  Anywho, we just modified the very simple Rice Krispie Treat recipe to make some peanut butter-y treats, so here it is:

Simple Reese’s Rice Krispie Treat

You will need:

  • A regular size bag of marshmallows
  • A box of Rice Krispies or some off brand crispy rice cereal (that’s what I get)
  • A stick of butter (whatever kind you like best)
  • Two 8-packs of Reese’s.  These are usually a little smaller than the regular ‘candy bar’ packages, but I can always find them for about a dollar.
  • A pot for melting and mixing
  • A large pan or dish for forming the treats (the bigger it is, the shorter your treats will be, so it’s up to you)

First, put the stick of butter in the pot and put it on the stove on a very low heat.  You can cut up the butter to make it melt faster. I stir it around constantly because I want to feel like I’m doing something.

Once the butter is pretty melty, add in the whole bag of marshmallows and stir.  You may feel tempted to turn up the heat, but don’t! Just be patient and keep stirring the marshmallows in the butter.  I try to get them as coated with butter as I possibly can in the first few seconds so the marshmallows don’t stick to the pot.

When the marshmallows are almost melted all the way, you can start adding in 8 Reese’s cups.  I crumbled them up so they’d melt faster.

Then it’s time to add in the crispy rice.  Slowly pour it into the marshmallow combination while stirring (this is a two-person job for me).  Keep stirring and pouring until the box of cereal is well mixed with the melted marshmallows.

Turn off the heat and scoop the mixture out of the pot into the dish or pan.

Press the mixture down into the pan to compress it into treats.  It’s pretty sticky, so sometimes it helps if your fingers are a little bit wet when you do this.

Once you’ve compressed the rice krispie mixture into the pan, crumble the rest of the Reese’s on top.

Let the treats cool somewhere safe (or in the fridge if your house is kind of warm or you’re impatient like me).

That’s it!  Cut ’em and eat ’em!


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Radish Flowers and Pods–Saving seeds

Well, it’s been a little while, but I thought it was time for another garden update.  I know radishes should already be done by now, but I guess I kind of screwed up.  I gave them too much shade so the tops grew quite a bit, but the roots were a little lacking… so I’ve left them in a little longer.  The nice thing is, the greens have grown some lovely blossoms, and I can see the pods that hold the seeds!

Radish Blossoms

To harvest the seeds, pull out the plant and let it dry out.  Once the little pods are dry, pop them open with your finger nail and remove the seeds.  That’s it!

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Thoughts on Bravery and Katniss Everdeen

I saw the Hunger Games about a week ago, and I loved it (I ordered the book the other day).  I can’t stop thinking about it.  Of course, one of the first things The Hunger Games makes you wonder is “Would I do that?” And then “Could I do that?”  I guess I should interject a “Spoiler alert” for anyone who hasn’t seen or read it yet.

Katniss Everdeen

In the first, what(?) 15 minutes of the movie(?), I was already holding back tears (yeah, yeah) when Katniss took her sister’s place by volunteering as tribute in the Hunger Games.   What love!  What bravery!  Could I be so brave in that situation?  I myself have a younger sister as my sole sibling.  We’re 9 years apart, and although we have a great mom, I find that I try to horn in on that role from time to time, and of course, as much as I hate to say it on the internet (haha), I do love my sister.  Of course, we’re not living in the poorest district of a post-apocalyptic world (that right?) where the rich have more obvious control over things than they do today, and my mom isn’t some zombified shell of a woman, and I don’t have to shoot squirrels in the eye to keep my family from starving to death.  But maybe I can relate a little.  Maybe a lot of people can.  My family has never been well-off (or however you’d like to put it). My mom is so good with money that we live a great life, but there have been times where I’ve been worried.  And I’m so arrogant that I always feel it’s somehow up to me to be some sort of hero and take care of everyone, emotionally or financially.  It’s part of the reason why I started vegetable gardening, actually.   Anyway, maybe I feel I can relate.  So what would I do?

Katniss after volunteering as tribute

If my sister were chosen to be tribute for The Hunger Games, I’d have to take her place.  Could I survive?  I’d feel better about it if I had killer (ha) archery skills, but I’d work with what I’ve got.  She’s 11 years old, for crying out loud.  (I’d actually be too old to qualify… but still!)  When it comes to your family, you have a responsibility to do whatever you can to take care of them.  This is a natural instinct, is it not?  Add the emotional ties of a shared life and possibly a common womb, and what the right course of action is should be obvious.  It’s a lot easier to be brave when you’re being brave for someone else, and when you truly love someone, you’ll do whatever you can to make sure they’ll be alright, no matter the situation.  And that, everyone can relate to.

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Challenging Your Beliefs

Sometimes it may seem that someone’s belief system doesn’t matter; sometimes it may seem that it’s all that matters.  Whether this means choosing a presidential candidate to support, what school you send your kid (or yourself) to, or who your friends are, belief systems always play a major part.  How could they not?  I don’t just mean religious beliefs (or lack thereof), I mean your whole set of morals (or lack thereof {haha}) and everything that helps you make decisions; this is a part of everyone!  And I think that a lot of people take their way of thinking for granted; they don’t question why they believe what they believe often enough.  I know I’m guilty of this…

Propaganda Feat. Nosferatu by Kadence Clark (based on a WWII poster). Propaganda usually succeeds when no one questions it.

But what would happen if we challenged our own beliefs?  Rethought our most sacred personal dogmas?  Just for a moment! I’m not saying, “just try seeing it from Charles Manson’s point of view” or anything like that; there are things that are perfectly acceptable to see as inherently evil, but what if we just decided to question ourselves a bit more?  My mom had a bumper sticker that said “Question the Answers,” which I didn’t understand when I was younger but now I try to live by.  Never blindly follow someone or something; truly think about it.  I’m going to take it a step further and apply it to myself.  I hope it does go without question that I’m not going to question why I think animals should be treated kindly or anything like that, but maybe I should question some other things (well, I guess I could think about it just to understand the source of my convictions).  Why am I rambling on and on about this?  I’m hoping that if you’re reading this, you’ll think about it.  Really think about it.  Maybe it won’t change anything, it’ll just be an interesting exercise.  Maybe it’ll really improve your life and the lives of those around you.  You won’t know ’till you give it a shot!

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How to Become a Werewolf: Systems and Symptoms

The Man. Werewolf Embroidery (1/3) by Kadence Clark

Werewolf; wer meaning man and wolf, well wolf. The werewolf is one of the most popular (and now may we say beloved?) of all the classic monsters, perhaps only second to the vampire. Need I even explain what a werewolf is? Well, perhaps I should. A werewolf is a human who changes into a wolf or wolf-like creature, usually under the full moon. Most of us know that a person may become a werewolf by being bitten by a wolf or another werewolf, but did you know these other ways?

One may become a werewolf by:

-Drinking rain water from the pawprint of a wolf

-Wearing a wolf skin belt

-Wearing a wolf skin

-Rubbing a magic salve onto one’s body (one recipe requires: fat from disinterred children, hemlock, aconite, poplar leaves, soot or cowbane, sweet flag, cinquefoil, bat’s blood, deadly nightshade, oil).  I know the deadly nightshade alone would give its consumer quite the ‘trip’ (or death, depending on the variety).  Many of the various recipes include narcotics, which, if these were really being made and used could certainly have caused the user to believe they were a wolf.

-Drinking a cup of special beer and repeating a certain incantation then passing through a magic pool each transformation

-Special ceremonies with a potion that included opium and hemlock

-Many, many different incantations exist that supposedly transform the speaker

-A pact with the devil

-A curse from a sorcerer or witch

-Divine punishment from a god or a saint

-Eating a certain unidentified yellow or white flower found in a marsh at sunset when the moon is full

-Being the seventh son after six daughters or simply being the seventh child and a boy

-Being bitten

The Transformation. Werewolf Embroidery (2/3) by Kadence Clark

Now that you know there are many, many ways in which one may become a werewolf, you may want to protect yourself.

Signs that someone is a werewolf:

-Hair growing on the palms of their hands and/or soles of their feet

-You never see them when there’s a full moon (if you’re lucky)

-They have a mono-brow/uni-brow (my personal favorite)

-They suffer from insomnia

-They sleep with their mouths open

-They have a long middle finger

-A long, curved thumb nail

-Aggressive behavior and signs of agitation

So now that you suspect yourself, hairy friend or neighbor, or a common aggressive teen of being a werewolf, here are the ways to ward off or destroy the monster (please, please do not go kill someone now.  I do not believe in real man-into-beast werewolves or anything more than insanity or drug-induced ridiculousness.):

-A silver bullet or other weapon (this is a relatively new inclusion into the lore)

-A Mountain Ash (tree).  It’s said your home is safe from werewolves in the shade of one.

-Wolfsbane.  You can find info for or against this one, but most sources say werewolves have an aversion to it.

-Scolding a werewolf (apparently that’s enough to reverse the transformation)

-Addressing it by its Christian name three times



-Destroying the brain or heart.  This will work for almost any supernatural creature (including vampires) for obvious reasons.

The Wolf. Werewolf Embroidery (3/3) by Kadence Clark

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Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Last night I finished reading Seth Grahame-Smith’s Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.  I’m usually not one for fiction (though I just realized I’ll make an exception if it involves vampires), but I truly enjoyed this book.  As I’ve said, I love history and I love vampires, so when I heard the title I knew I had to give it a go, especially with the movie coming out this year.  I remember when Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (also by Grahame-Smith) came out and I wasn’t too enthusiastic (I hate zombies and I’ve not yet read Pride and Prejudice), but I had hope that a vampire novel would come out in the same genre.  Ta-daa!  Here it is!  The book is a (fictional, of course) biography of Abraham Lincoln and an account of vampires’ effects on the president’s life and basically the entire history of our young country.  Maybe Abe wasn’t as honest as we thought!  I don’t want to give anything away, but in the book, almost everything we know about the president is the result of his unexpected involvement with vampires after his mother’s untimely death.  Seth Grahame-Smith does a good job of bending the facts enough to sneak in some magical realism and make it all seem plausible; leaving the reader with the question “What if…?”

And I’ll leave you with the trailer for the movie!  (If you think it looks as cool as I do, go read the book.  Seriously, it won’t take you long because it’s great!)

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Straight8 Film Contest 2012

Acting is not one of my many pursuits, but my step-dad is entering the Straight8 film contest, and I’m one of the people in the film (along with my sister, grandma, and boyfriend)!  For Straight8 contestants use one roll of super 8 film to shoot a 3 minute 20 second movie with absolutely no retakes or editing (hence the name, I guess); you’ve got one shot to do it.  A week later you send in the soundtrack for the film and they put it together.  The other night we started filming, but couldn’t finish the whole thing for various reasons.  I believe we’re finishing it tonight.  I’m not sure how much I’m supposed to talk about it; maybe it’s secretive, maybe it’s not (I just don’t know).  Anywhoo, I will say it takes place at night, has religious themes, and involves a dead body.  I can’t wait to see it!

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Planting for March: Beans, Eggplants, and Cucumbers [Photos and Information]

That’s right!  I’ve planted more seeds!  I would have done it a few days ago but we had some unseasonably cold (to me!) and surprisingly rainy days.  Anywho, today I planted Royal Burgundy Beans, Easter Egg Plants, Rosa Bianca Eggplants, and Straight Eight Cucumbers.

The Royal Burgundy Beans are a compact bush variety (good for small places) and need no staking for support.  As you can guess they’re purple!  But they do turn green when cooked.  They’re also stringless (sounds good to me).  Plant them directly in the ground when the soil reaches 65-75F at an 1 inch down.  Because the beans mature all at once, it can be a good idea to plant your seeds in 3 or so week intervals so you can keep harvesting all summer long.

Royal Burgundy Beans

The Rosa Bianca is and Italian Eggplant with a sweet and mild flavor that’s great for cooking (can’t wait!).  Eggplants need to be started indoors (unless you live in the Southwest or the Deep South, I’ve heard) and transplanted once the soil’s reached 60F at least.  Eggplants are from India and China originally so they love the heat!  These eggplants are round with creamy ivory and purple flesh, and can grow to 2-3 lbs.  I’m practically salivating!

Rosa Bianca Eggplant

Easter Egg Plants are an ornamental eggplant, but they can be eaten.  The person I bought my seeds from (Sophie’s Seeds and Swine I mentioned in another post) says her variety was given to her by a friend and they’ve got a lot of flavor, but I can’t vouch for all Easter Egg Plants.  Some people say they’re bland.  We’ll have to wait and see!  Either way, the skin is thin and soft so it doesn’t need to be peeled.  Anyway, the Easter Egg Plants, like the Burgundy Beans, don’t need a stake for support.  Since they are eggplants, they need to be started indoors and transplanted, just like the Rosa Bianca.  If left to ripen on the vine, the eggplants shrink and turn yellow like an egg yolk!

Easter Egg Plant

Straight Eight Cucumbers are an American variety introduced in 1935 and are great slicing cucumbers (I didn’t really know some were better to slice than others, but I suppose it makes sense) and pickles.  Said to be a prolific and disease-resistant plant, they produce dark green 7-8″ cucumbers.  Plant them in late spring or start them ahead of time indoors.

Straight Eight Cucumbers

Let’s hope I have some sprouts in a couple weeks!  Happy planting!

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Some Tips on Heirloom Gardening

Hey, everyone!  As you may have gathered, I’m a beginning gardener, but this is a good thing because I can share some of the resources I’m using!

First of all, I’m a huge lover of books (hey, that’s my family’s livelihood), and I think they can be a lot more physically convenient than the internet and hopefully more reliable.  (Of course, I’m always using the internet for research too).  Anywho, here are a couple books I really like for beginning heirloom gardening:

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Heirloom Vegetables by Chris McLaughlin

Talking Dirt: The Dirt Diva’s Down-to-Earth Guide to Organic Gardening by Annie Spiegelman

Also, knowing when to plant vegetables in the Phoenix area can be challenging, we’re in a very distinct zone: 13 (it really says a lot, unfortunately).  I like to go by the planting calendar for my zip code that I found on The Urban Farm’s Tidbits page.

And of course, actually getting those precious seeds to plant is super important (and exciting).  I like to support my local nurseries, but I also like supporting fellow Etsy shop owners, so I get a lot of my seeds from my favorite gardening store: Sophie’s Seeds and Swine.  They’re very affordable, have a wide variety, great customer service, and everything is shipped ASAP.  Check it out!

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An Image Saved: Memories of the Arizona State Fair

I love the fair.  I really love the fair.  I think it’s beautiful and magical and the fact that it’s only here once a year makes it even more so.  A lot of people don’t understand why I think this about the fair; I know it’s easy to look at the trash on the ground, the ghetto people who go, the employees who are worse and the dirty… everything!  Yeah, but there’s another side to the fair, one that I’ve tried to capture through my amateur photography.  Unfortunately, two years ago my home was burglarized and the computer that had all of my fair photos was stolen (among many other things, of course).  Luckily! I remembered my abandoned myspace account!  I had uploaded all of my photos of the fair to it.  Of course, they’re smaller and of a cruddier quality, but hey, they were there.  For your viewing pleasure I’m uploading some of them:

Arizona State Fair

I’m absolutely in love with all of the lights.

There are 3 Ferris Wheels in this one

I really don’t care if it’s cliche.  I wasn’t really setting out to make art, I just wanted to share what I love about the fair.

A Pretty Fun Ride

This ride is so fun (although my seat belt never seems tight enough) and I love all of the silly paintings on the backdrop.

This may be my favorite photo from the fair

This photo is on my customized debit card I like it so much. Haha! I think it’s the colors that really get me.  There are quite a few more photos, but I’ll just leave you with these for now.

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Photo Update: Heirloom Tomatoes, Carrots, and Radishes

I’ve got a photo update on my Spring Heirloom garden.  Unfortunately, not everything I planted in January sprouted (see Spring Heirloom Garden blog post) which may be due to a number of factors; maybe planting too early, missing some waterings, too much watering(?), who knows?  Anyway, if you’ve read some of my other garden posts (see posts tagged ‘heirloom gardening’), you’ll know that my Russian Malakhitovaya Shkatulka Tomatoes, Black Spanish Radishes, and Patriot’s Carrots have all sprouted, and they seem to be doing quite well!

Heirloom Black Spanish Radishes

Heirloom Patriot's Carrots (sorry the ground is more in focus than the plants)

Heirloom Malakhitovaya Shkatulka Tomatoes

I know that my radishes and carrots need to be “thinned out,” but I just don’t have the heart to do it.  I’m hoping once they get a little bigger I’ll be able to move them easily, instead of just pulling them out and tossing them.

In the next few days I’ll be planting some heirloom Royal Burgundy Beans and some  heirloom Straight Eight Cucumbers (if I can find what I did with the seeds!) so check back!


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It’s Just a Game… Or Is It? The Origin of the Ouija

Oh, the Ouija Board.  I’ll never forget my first encounter with the ‘talking’ board at a slumber party in middle school.  We stayed up most of the night conversing with the board, which we treated like a person, while I heard all sorts of supposedly-true horror stories about people who kept playing after the board had bid “Goodbye.”  Of course, it was all just harmless fun.  Being raised in a free-thinking household, I’d never thought (and still don’t) that it had anything to do with the devil, possession, or anything having to do with Christianity, basically.  And why should it?  It stems from Spiritualism!

The First Mass-Produced Ouija Board by Kennard Novelty Company in 1890

Basically, with Spiritualism (I’m sorry, I don’t have time to define the whole belief system, but it’s based on the idea that the consciousness transcends death, which is just a physical change, and that the dead can communicate with the living [among other things]) came various ways of communicating with the dead through seances.  As one can imagine, table rocking and turning along with mysterious rapping were some of the most common ways ‘spirits’ would make themselves known during a seance (or rather, some of the most common ways ‘mediums’ would get attention).  One of the ways spirits would communicate with the sitters (people participating in a seance) was through a planchette used by a medium.

The planchette was a small roughly heart-shaped piece of wood with two wheels and a spot to stick a pencil through so the tip of the pencil points to/touches whatever surface the planchette was on.  A medium could place his or her hand on the planchette and divine message from the great beyond.  Unfortunately, the planchette was, I’ve read, a huge pain.  It had a habit of straying off the paper and its writing was usually illegible.  Mediums usually discarded the planchette in favor of their own hand, allowing spirits to guide the pencil through it.  After a few overly complex versions of talking boards with letters, numbers, dials, and pointers came what we know as the Ouija board (yeah, that’s a brand name, but you know what I’m talking about).   Basically, in its simplest form, the talking board was a card (or even just a piece of paper) with letters and numbers, and maybe “Yes,” “No,” and “Goodbye,” and a pencil-less planchette was used to point out which letter or number the spirit(s) wanted to communicate.  Because Spiritualism had its origins in America, it wasn’t long before these talking boards were mass produced.  Pictured above is the first of these, Kennard Novelty Company’s talking board.  From there it evolved and today you can walk into your local toy store and buy a glow-in-the-dark version of one of these bad boys (pretty scary, huh?).  For your amusement, I’m including a link to a Squidoo page full of “freaky” Ouija Board stories.  Have fun! And remember, it IS just a game.

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Monday’s Alice in Wonderland Photoshoot

Hey, guys!  I totally forgot to update everyone on here on this whole photo shoot thing.  Anywho, on Monday I brought some of my designs to my friend Michelle’s Alice in Wonderland-themed shoot (woohoo!).  Michelle is a model, but Monday she was behind the camera, putting together looks, and giving direction to the model, the hairstylist, makeup artist, and me (by the way, everyone did such a great job).  I was flattered when Michelle asked me to contribute to the shoot; I’d never been to one before, let alone had some say in what it looked like!  So I designed and made some accessories…

Accessories by Kadence Clark

All of the accessories together: Three bows, a pair of lace gloves, and a felt brooch

One of the gloves (on my own hand haha)

A Lace Hair Bow (matches the gloves)

A stuffed rabbit I made also made it into some of the photos, along with my beloved Rat King (which I made for the Mutant Pinata Show at Bragg’s Pie Factory last year):

A cute stuffed bunny I made (currently on Etsy)

My Rat King "Pinata" (click to see it in my portfolio)

As of right now, I can’t post any photos from the shoot, but I will as soon as they’ve been published.  So check back!

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The Unique LA Spring Show 2012

Okay, I’ve got to say, I’m just learning about these art shows, fairs, conferences, etc.  but I feel super excited when I look at the Unique LA website (  Unique LA is held four times a year (February, May, July, December) and according to their website, “is the only event out there that focuses on and features modern, curated, Made-in-America goods.” (Though, to be fair, you could look at that sentence and see that it says “focuses on”).  Anywho, I’d absolutely love to go and see what’s there, what people are making! Of course, I would also really like to have my own booth there!  I’m pretty sure my art/goods would fit in with the ‘unique’ stuff there.

Someone's cool art at Unique LA

Just being able to go and look around sounds really exciting.  It’d be nice to see what people are buying, what’s already being done, what’s something I’d like to try doing.  The website says there are also (with the price of admission [$10]) free workshops and crafts.  Sweet!  Looking at the photos on Unique LA’s site, it looks like there are a lot of monsters, sugar skulls, mushrooms, native/tribal stuff and other trendy things I like (man, I hate liking stuff that other people like–which I think is also trendy :P ).  And food!! Ah! Imagine having a cold drink, a hot cheese-y burger and walking around checking out everyone’s super cool stuff (sounds heavenly to me!).  And might I add: IN LA! One of my favorite cities!

Spray-painted Suitcases (Good idea!)

As I said, this awesome thing is going on four times a year!  With LA being so close to Phoenix, I’m already trying to figure out a way to work a trip into my schedule/budget.

Let me know if you’ve gone and what it was like!



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