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Steps take you somewhere. One follows another until something’s changed.  Right now I’m still figuring out which steps I need to take.  It’s hard because I’m not sure where I want to end up or which steps will be the most beneficial while still being exciting.  A few days ago I had a meeting with an ASU advisor, asking to change my major.  She mapped out what my next 3 semesters would look like, exactly; I finally feel like I have some direction with school, and I know which steps to take to graduate.  I have to say it’s pretty comforting.  But I’m not completely satisfied just yet.

What steps should I take to make sure I’m progressing as an artist and as a productive member of society?  Is this where setting goals comes into play, since “productive member of society” can vary from person to person?  Does  reaching a goal mean taking a step?  Are steps the smaller goals one makes within a goal to achieve it?  That sounds about right.  So maybe in order to find out which steps I should take, I should investigate my goals and work backward?  Well, that sounds like a step in the right direction to me!

Dissection Kit

My Dissection Kit

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My Dream Job

If I could, I would be an explorer.  That’s what I’ve always wanted to be, really.  I’d like someone to pay me to travel all around the world and have exciting adventures (ideally, this would take place about 150 years ago), which I assumed I’d be writing about or recording in some way, or there’s really no reason to pay me.  I’d submerge myself in the culture of whatever area I was in and learn everything I could, while collecting treasures and folk stories.  I’d have run-ins with savage (just go with it) indigenous tribes, gypsies, disgruntled royalty, and abominable snowmen.  When I’m not destroying vampires or removing voodoo curses, I’m in my Second Empire-style Victorian home creating art or tending to my heirloom garden.  Sometimes I’ll work in my secret laboratory, doing who-knows-what.  My coffee shop/boutique/gallery, unique jewelry designs, and freelance art are a nice additional income.  Also, I’m famous.

Kadence's Ideal Home

Part of one of my drawings

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Who Is Kadence Clark?

I grew up in a historic house, built in 1914.  It’s an English Revival Tudor house, but when I was little I thought it sort of looked like a haunted house, although they’re usually Victorian (at least in movies and books).  I think my home, which would be commonplace in another city but is unique in Phoenix, has had a lot of influence on the person I am today.  It’s easy to guess from this blog that I like monsters, and you probably won’t be surprised to hear that I like everything that the idea of monsters conjures up; everything spooky, ooky, and kooky (but I have to note: I really hate zombies), which may be because of my childhood home.  Also, I think my old house instilled in me a love of the historic and history in general.

Kadence's house

My house, from an accidental angle

One of my passions is studying history, and I’m probably the only 20-year-old I know with a large personal library full of books on the subject.  In fact, I’m probably one of the only people I know, my age, who has as many books as I do!  Truly, I love learning about almost any subject.  As this blog will demonstrate in the future, in addition to learning, I also spend a lot of time doing art!

I started taking art classes before I even started school.  Of course, I continued learning throughout school, and I attended a high school that was heavily focused on the arts.  Now I’m attending Arizona State University and majoring in fine art!  I don’t really want my educational choices to completely define me, but I guess they do say a lot.

Honestly, I consider myself to be a delicate balance between a romantic and a realist.  I feel like this is how I view everything in my life and the world in general.  If I could travel the world by gypsy vardo and pirate ship, I would, but that’d be pretty dangerous, and I don’t think pirates or gypsies take kindly to strangers.  One of my favorite places I’ve ever been is New Orleans, and I love the beauty of the St. Louis Cathedral as much as the raggedy pigeons in Pirate’s Ally.  Maybe I’m just some sort of optimist?  I don’t know.  I don’t even remember what I’m trying to get at, and if I have to spend this much time explaining myself, it makes it seem like my personality won’t just show through my blog posts and portfolio.  I’ll just stop for now, and we’ll see if I live up to my own descriptions.

Pigeons in Pirate's Ally in the French Quarter of New Orleans

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Spring Heirloom Garden

Last Saturday (the 14th) and Sunday (15th) I planted a variety of exciting heirloom plants!  I purchased some seeds from a great Etsy shop, I have to admit, I went a little crazy (if one can be crazy while buying seeds), and ordered some things that I don’t even normally like to eat.  Anywho, last weekend I planted Black Spanish Radishes, a blend of Patriot’s Carrots, Listada de Gandia Eggplant, Rosemary, a blend of Basil, and some green, Russian Malakhitovaya Shkatulka Tomatoes (because I’m 3rd generation and I wanted to give a tip of the hat to the old country haha).  I also ordered some seeds to plant later: Bloody Butcher Corn, Royal Burgundy Beans, and Merlin’s Magic Cauliflower.

The heirlooms I ordered (images from Sophie's Seeds and Swine and HeirloomsRUsSeeds on Etsy)

I live in Phoenix, so I planted everything directly into the soil of my raised beds instead of starting them inside.  Also, I have to admit I squished things together a bit; they only have about half as much space between them as they’re supposed to.  I still have hope though, and I’ve been checking for sprouts every day!  We’ll see how it goes!

Radish and Carrot Seeds

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Summer Heirloom Garden

Over the past summer I started an heirloom garden in a couple of homemade raised garden beds.  I grew Cinderella’s Carriage (or Rouge vif d’Etampes) pumpkins and Moon and Stars watermelons.

My Cinderella Pumpkins

The pumpkins did pretty well!  Unfortunately, the watermelon vines only yielded two small watermelons (one of which I didn’t even know about!).  Of course, the watermelons may have had a chance to grow larger, but I accidentally broke the fruit off the vine.

The Tiny Moon and Stars Watermelon, Last Seen Alive

Overall, I’m happy with the results.  I’ve never tried vegetable gardening before, but I think it turned out pretty well!

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