Spring Heirloom Garden

Last Saturday (the 14th) and Sunday (15th) I planted a variety of exciting heirloom plants!  I purchased some seeds from a great Etsy shop, I have to admit, I went a little crazy (if one can be crazy while buying seeds), and ordered some things that I don’t even normally like to eat.  Anywho, last weekend I planted Black Spanish Radishes, a blend of Patriot’s Carrots, Listada de Gandia Eggplant, Rosemary, a blend of Basil, and some green, Russian Malakhitovaya Shkatulka Tomatoes (because I’m 3rd generation and I wanted to give a tip of the hat to the old country haha).  I also ordered some seeds to plant later: Bloody Butcher Corn, Royal Burgundy Beans, and Merlin’s Magic Cauliflower.

The heirlooms I ordered (images from Sophie's Seeds and Swine and HeirloomsRUsSeeds on Etsy)

I live in Phoenix, so I planted everything directly into the soil of my raised beds instead of starting them inside.  Also, I have to admit I squished things together a bit; they only have about half as much space between them as they’re supposed to.  I still have hope though, and I’ve been checking for sprouts every day!  We’ll see how it goes!

Radish and Carrot Seeds

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