Statement, Bio, CV

My artist statement, bio, and resume, available as PDFs.

Artist Statement:

Once upon a time, I was a vampire princess.  I reigned from a jeweled castle over an enchanted forest.  My leisure time was divided between many pleasurable pursuits, but above all I desired to create life; an artificial being fashioned by my own hands. Perhaps this was the reason I was exiled to a Sonoran wasteland to live among the techno-zombies.  Now my only chance to live happily ever after is to continue creating in hopes of finding my home.

My creations find life through paint, fabric, and colored pencils.  Drawing and painting are at the foundation of my art education and inform all of my work.  Recently I have focused on screen-printing on fabric, hand-drawing virtually all of my stencils.  Storytelling, from established global folklore and history and my own imagination, is at the heart of all my artistic pursuits.  Whether it’s a layered screen-print, miniature drawing, or an endlessly blended painting, if I can cause a viewer to imagine they are somewhere more magical for even a second, I’ll be satisfied.
Clark Artist Statement (pdf)


Kadence Élan Clark was born on September 18th in Phoenix, Arizona.  She took her first art class four years later.  In 2009 she graduated as Salutatorian from Metropolitan Arts Institute in central Phoenix, where she studied drawing and painting under nationally-recognized artist Sue Chenoweth.  Her art centers on her love of history, folklore, and monsters.  Her work has been shown at The Trunk Space, Soul Invictus, Bragg’s Pie Factory, and Gallery 100.  Kadence, the recipient of a Provost Scholarship, is a Fibers major at Arizona State University, expecting to receive her BFA in 2014.
Clark Bio (pdf)


Clark CV 2013

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