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Hairy Tales — Third Thurday Show at Rebel Salon and Vintage, Melrose Curve in Phoenix

Hairy Tales Flyer

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Hey, all!  It’s been a while, but I thought I should make at least a short post about my upcoming show in central Phoenix opening on March 20th (Third Thursday) at 5pm.  It’s going to be a rather eclectic group of work, some cotton screen prints, tiny drawings, a sculpture (? Or two?), a painting, and some craft-y-er little, huggable things made from some of my prints. (But hey, they’re all monsters!)  I sort of wish I just had a ton of the little colored pencil drawings I made for the show.  They’re pretty cute, if I do say so myself! Haha


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Insatiable Strange Picks up the Pieces at Trunk Space on Grand Ave

Why have I not blogged about any of my shows?  I’m going to blame it on the intense workload of this last semester.  Anywho, my lovely art group Insatiable Strange is having a show at Trunk Space (1506 NW Grand Ave, Phoenix) on January 4th, 2013.  All of our pieces and performances are sci-fi themed, so expect the unexpected.  Actually, it’s a repeat of our show (that I forgot to write about) on December 21st (also at Trunk Space), but it’s still great stuff!  Very futuristic (hey, it is a new year).  We’ve had our visual art work up since that fateful last day of the world and it will continue to be up until the end of our performance on Jan. 4th.  Oh, and did I mention that our End of the World show made into New Times?  Yeah!  So come on down and check us out.  The gallery will be free to view from 6-9pm and at 9 the performances start.  Tickets are $6.

Facebook Event Page

Click for Facebook Event Page

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48 Hour Beat the Clock Film Challenge – Insatiable Strange presents In/Out

Well, the 48 hours are up and Insatiable Strange (our art collective) has submitted its film, In/Out, to IFP Phoenix.  The process was exciting, exhausting, and educational.  I’ve been on the sets of major Hollywood films, low budget films, and art films made in my backyard, but I’ve never really been a large part of the film itself.  This weekend I was.

In/Out by Insatiable Strange

Quincy Holden and Briana Belong in In/Out by Insatiable Strange

Insatiable Strange, the cadre as we call it, is made up of 10 artists (including myself) who get along extraordinarily well.  We definitely love each other, and that made all the difference during this film challenge, especially since we were together virtually every waking hour, of which there were many.  As a nice reporter from the Arizona Republic observed, we put more value on working together than on the finished product.

This is not to say that we didn’t care about how our film turned out, that’s why we worked so hard (!), but none of us were ready to disregard the other group members’ thoughts and feelings just to have something our way because we thought it would make the best film in the end.  Now, as you can imagine, that means we spent a great deal of our weekend talking everything out together.  For other groups, this could easily just end in disaster because it’s usually impossible to make everyone happy, but I’m pretty sure we’re all very happy with the way In/Out ended up.  It’s the first film I’ve really been a part of, and I think it was a great overall experience.  I’m excited to see how it will be received at the screeningon August 10, 2012 [6:00pm and 8:00pm] at the Phoenix Art Museum.  Check it out!

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In Progress- 48 Hour Film Challenge- Insatiable Strange

Long story short, my cadre and I, Insatiable Strange (our newly formed art collective that I’ll write about later) are taking on the 48 Hour “Beat the Clock” Film Challenge this weekend.  It started at 6:19 pm yesterday.  We’ve got a lot of inspiration, but I think we need more structure.  We’ll see where it goes…

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Some Tips on Heirloom Gardening

Hey, everyone!  As you may have gathered, I’m a beginning gardener, but this is a good thing because I can share some of the resources I’m using!

First of all, I’m a huge lover of books (hey, that’s my family’s livelihood), and I think they can be a lot more physically convenient than the internet and hopefully more reliable.  (Of course, I’m always using the internet for research too).  Anywho, here are a couple books I really like for beginning heirloom gardening:

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Heirloom Vegetables by Chris McLaughlin

Talking Dirt: The Dirt Diva’s Down-to-Earth Guide to Organic Gardening by Annie Spiegelman

Also, knowing when to plant vegetables in the Phoenix area can be challenging, we’re in a very distinct zone: 13 (it really says a lot, unfortunately).  I like to go by the planting calendar for my zip code that I found on The Urban Farm’s Tidbits page.

And of course, actually getting those precious seeds to plant is super important (and exciting).  I like to support my local nurseries, but I also like supporting fellow Etsy shop owners, so I get a lot of my seeds from my favorite gardening store: Sophie’s Seeds and Swine.  They’re very affordable, have a wide variety, great customer service, and everything is shipped ASAP.  Check it out!

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