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Great Mulch and Compost: Decomposed Leaves!

Alright, so you know you’re becoming a gardening geek when you get excited about some crusty old leaves.  This past weekend we did quite a bit of yard work (and we’re still not done!).  While we were cutting and pulling massive amounts of vines off the house some big clumps of started falling on my boyfriend and me.  At first they looked like big clumps of dirt, but that didn’t really make sense, and upon closer inspection we found that they were chunks of partially decomposed leaves from the vines!  How exciting!

The Leaves!

I don’t have a compost pile (because in my friends’ experiences they seem to attract roaches in Phoenix), so I just kind of crumbled these up into my garden as we found more and more chunks.  According to  Annie Spiegelman in Talking Dirt, composted leaves work as a great mulch, especially in summer and winter, because they insulate and provide nutrients (she also says it’s best to put a 1-inch layer around your plants and have a layer of wood chips on top).  So I’m not doing this the best way I could, but I’m working with what I’ve got for now.

A close-up of those leaves

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