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An Image Saved: Memories of the Arizona State Fair

I love the fair.  I really love the fair.  I think it’s beautiful and magical and the fact that it’s only here once a year makes it even more so.  A lot of people don’t understand why I think this about the fair; I know it’s easy to look at the trash on the ground, the ghetto people who go, the employees who are worse and the dirty… everything!  Yeah, but there’s another side to the fair, one that I’ve tried to capture through my amateur photography.  Unfortunately, two years ago my home was burglarized and the computer that had all of my fair photos was stolen (among many other things, of course).  Luckily! I remembered my abandoned myspace account!  I had uploaded all of my photos of the fair to it.  Of course, they’re smaller and of a cruddier quality, but hey, they were there.  For your viewing pleasure I’m uploading some of them:

Arizona State Fair

I’m absolutely in love with all of the lights.

There are 3 Ferris Wheels in this one

I really don’t care if it’s cliche.  I wasn’t really setting out to make art, I just wanted to share what I love about the fair.

A Pretty Fun Ride

This ride is so fun (although my seat belt never seems tight enough) and I love all of the silly paintings on the backdrop.

This may be my favorite photo from the fair

This photo is on my customized debit card I like it so much. Haha! I think it’s the colors that really get me.  There are quite a few more photos, but I’ll just leave you with these for now.

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